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Iftach Yakar was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and lived an ordinary life. Until one day, several years ago, De Duck emerged. No one knows where it came from, but this cute-looking rubber duck placed itself on top of Iftach’s head. Using it as a host, he took over his mind and began producing electronic music. Quickly enough, De Duck became drawn to Psytrance like a duck to a pond. It wasn’t long until he decided that making Progressive-Psychedelic-Trance should be his main focus. His spectrum of influences stretches from Progressive Rock to Glitch, from Jazz to modern Psytrance.
Apart from the music, De Duck is also a duck scientist. He specializes in building his own custom midi-hardware and synth modifications. This makes his live act unique and mesmerizing!
De Duck hosted a weekly show on Glitch.FM internet radio for a year. He has played in most major clubs, venues and festivals in Israel and also around the world.


Agency: Atomic Apple Network

Phone: +49 (0)179 880 90 28

Email: [email protected]

The artist

Nationality: Israeli

Resident in: Tel Aviv, Israel